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Discover SWEED’s versatile, cutting-edge chopping solutions.

SWEED’s chopper product line efficiently processes a wide variety of linear scrap materials, ranging from PET plastic strapping and steel banding to tube scarf and slitter line scrap, and everything in between. Whether you prefer manual feeding or require a seamless integration within a production line, SWEED’s equipment provides flexible solutions to make scrap processing more efficient.

SWEED’s scrap choppers and smart shears offer remarkable scrap reduction and compaction ratios while operating continuously with minimal maintenance. Experience increased efficiency, enhanced employee safety, and reduced dumpster fees, all while maximizing scrap value across diverse industries. Elevate your manufacturing processes and invest strategically with SWEED to unlock unparalleled efficiency, safety, and cost savings.

SWEED’s innovative cut-to-length choppers are an alternative way to automate the strap cutting process, increase strap cutting efficiency and worker safety.

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Overview: SWEED Scrap Choppers

Chopper solutions for every industry.

SWEED scrap choppers can be custom engineered to meet a company’s production and safety requirements. SWEED choppers can be manually fed, despool scrap material from a reel, or installed into a production line. Cleanup Choppers quickly process plastic and light metals such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic strapping, and light gauge metal (steel) banding; High Volume Choppers are perfect for larger amounts of steel banding, baling wire, and light cables; Industrial Choppers handle heavy-duty scrap such as telecommunication cable (ACSR, ACSS, MCM, etc.), steel, aluminum or copper rods or tubing; and Specialty and Inline Choppers offer distinctive features to handle unique scrap applications and are typically the choice choppers to be integrated into an existing production line such as those for slitter trim, punch press, stamping, or lines producing tube scarf.

SWEED chopper equipment is also designed with safety in mind. All equipment comes equipped with safety guards and mushroom stop buttons to ensure the safety of operators and employees. Plus, our easily replaceable scrap chopper blades simplify maintenance, reducing downtime.

The right chopper for your company will vary depending on the scrap material and preferred installation.
We’re here to help you make the right choice for you!

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Our Commitment To Our Customers.

SWEED engineers work closely with customers on many levels – from customizing a scrap chopper to meet specific criteria or revolutionizing a veneer or panel handling solution to increase production and efficiency, SWEED strives to exceed every customer’s expectation in all they do.

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Scrap Chopper

Upgrades & Options

Additional features and upgrades are available for scrap choppers upon request. From protection & safety to performance & special applications, we can customize your chopper to fit your needs.

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