SS6K Series

SS6K Series


The SS6K Sheathing Slitter Series provides companies with simple and efficient processing for virtually all cable types.

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Both the SS6K100 and the SS6K50 are robust and durable cable strippers that will provide years of service. These units utilize multiple knife and guide profiles to accurately strip plastic or poly insulated cased aluminum or copper strand cable ranging from 1” to 2 ½” in diameter. Up to 6 different profiles can be easily mounted at once minimizing changeovers. Custom blade profiles can also be provided to fit any and all needs for slitting cable material.

The SS6K100 has high horsepower, an infeed speed that can vary from 0 to 100 FPM, and a jog reverse control option, while the more economical SS6K50 has a lower horsepower motor, a set infeed speed of 50 FPM, and no jog reverse option. Sweed also has the ability to customize their cable strippers to accommodate requests for additional performance and safety needs.

Construction Features

  • Adjustable knife gap

  • Simple to operate

  • Easy maintenance

  • Guards for operator protection

  • Emergency stop

  • Variable speed control

  • Jog reverse control

  • Foot pedal control

  • Made and supported in the USA

  • One-year warranty