Prechoppers: PCR Series

Prechoppers: PCR Series


Sweed's Prechopper is a single-shaft shredder that provides rapid reduction of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap material.

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The closed rotor design allows bulk feeding without overloading the machine. Once the material is loaded into the hopper, it's fed into the rotor using a hydraulic ram. The chopped material then drops into a hopper located under the unit or conveyed into a separate container or granulator for further processing.

Sweed's Prechopper is built for durability and reliability and offers heavy-duty construction in a compact size. Interchangeable screens are available for material size control. The hydraulic powered carriage allows the Prechopper's screens to be changed quickly and easily.

Sweed offers Prechoppers in multiple sizes, depending on volume. Each are designed to stand alone or can be placed in-line with a Sweed Separation System.

Material Reference

  • Wire Chopping Lines

  • Cable Manufacturing Waste

  • Copper Separator and Recovery

  • Aluminum Scrap Processing

  • Scrap Plastic Materials

  • Scrap Electronic Cable

  • Scrap Telecommunication Wire and Cable

Construction Features

  • Extremely wear resistant

  • Simple maintenance

  • Interchangeable screens

  • Custom hopper sizes available for both models

  • Made and supported in the USA

  • One-year warranty