ACSR Chopping Line

ACSR Chopping Line


Sweed's ACSR system provides clean division of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The system is capable of processing high volumes of ACSR or similar materials using either the Model 5503 XHD or Model 5703 XHD scrap chopper as the main processor.

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The scrap chopper is coupled with Sweed's powerful Magnetic Cross-Belt that's positioned over the conveyor to lift steel out of the mixed materials. A shaker table option is also available. This assists the system in spreading the scrap after it's been chopped – liberating it and enabling the cross belt to easily lift the steel out of the mixed materials. In some instances, Sweed can eliminate this option and only utilize the magnetic cross belt to ensure a clean division. Additionally, a magnetic head pulley is another component that can be added to ensure secondary sort of ferrous material.

Standard Features

  • UL508A Control Cabinet

  • Durable and built to withstand harsh environments

  • High purity end results

  • Simple and minimal maintenance required

Optional Features

  • Sweed self-dumping hoppers

  • Knife mist system

  • Shaker Table

  • Magnetic head pulley for conveyor

  • Crusher feedworks with 10 HP hydraulic power unit

  • Soft start to avoid amperage overload at machine start up

  • Timed shut off

  • Custom infeeds

  • Skid-mounted options with plug-in or genset

  • Super E motors available

  • Able to accommodate multiple voltage requirements