Chopper Upgrades & Options


Not Available For All Models

SWEED Advanced Protection (SAP) System – For Maximum Operator Safety

An enclosed stand connected to the chopper’s power, allowing the chopper to only be operated once the stand is locked. The enclosed stand prevents operators from accessing the under carriage of the chopper, and keeps scrap safely contained. In the event of an emergency, the SAP system’s E-stop will instantly brake the chopper’s flywheel from rotating and disables the door from opening until it has been reset.

Custom Infeed Funnels

Standard and optional extended infeed funnels help direct loose scrap properly into the infeed while offering the operator increased protection.

Exhaust Spillway Chute

This chute is a narrowed spillway that is attached underneath the machine and encompasses the exit point of the chopper. This added safety feature allows for the material to drop from under the chopper, while preventing any other foreign objects from entering up into the unit and into the knife path.

Machine In-Use Light Indicator

Have a noisy facility? This light is a great option, providing a visual for an operator to know the chopper is powered and running.


Provide ultimate operator safety and choose this ground fault circuit interrupter plug. This constantly monitors electricity and detects when current is flowing along an unintended path.

Wash-Down Motor & Electrical

This option equips the unit with weatherproof electrical components designed to handle the harshest environments and keep operating consistently.

Timed Shut-Off

A timed shut-off can be installed to automatically stop your chopper on its own.

Magnetic or Smart Starter

Ensures that machine is shut off when there is an interruption in power and will not restart automatically when power is restored, endangering the operator. Not available for all models.

Upgrades for Special Applications

Not Available For All Models

Split Infeeds

Most SWEED Choppers have the ability to split the infeed funnel. A split infeed provides the benefit of two choppers in one! These infeeds are designed to handle both banding and wire in one machine. Wire can be introduced into the feedworks on one side of the machine, and banding can be chopped in the other side. Each side is protected from the knife wear, associated with chopping the other material, effectively providing extended knife life.

Permanent Magnetic Clutch

The Permanent Magnetic Clutch assists in the synchronization of SWEED Choppers and the manufacturing line. This allows for variations between the chopper’s feed rate and the line speed of the material being produced. The Permanent Magnetic Clutch allows the operator to adjust the amount of torque that is needed to process the scrap while the chopper is out of operation.

Magnetic Particle Clutch

The Magnetic Particle Clutch assists in the synchronization of SWEED Choppers and the manufacturing line. This allows for variations between the chopper’s feed rate and the line speed of the material being produced. The Magnetic Particle Clutch allows the operator to remotely adjust the amount of torque that is needed to process the scrap “on the fly” while the chopper is in full operation.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

VFD allows the user to adjust the frequency range that the motor on the chopper is operating under, thus varying the speed of the motor as required.

Custom Infeed Rates

Infeed speeds can be adjusted to allow for differences in the cut length of materials and operational needs.

Independent Feedworks Motor

Provides variation of the feed rate and the amount of pull needed for material going into the chopper. This option can provide different cut-lengths or material and also acts as a safety feature for hazardous material. This allows the operator to feed scrap with the feedworks disengaged, then when ready, engaging feedworks when operator is out of harm’s way.

Gas or Diesel Powered Motor

Available for offsite or remote locations where electrical services are limited or unavailable. Multiple Rotating Knife Configurations for Smaller Cut Lengths. Every SWEED Chopper comes standard with a single knife flywheel. However, with multiple knives cutting scrap material, faster infeed speeds or smaller cut lengths can be obtained. The need for additional knives is dependent on scrap material and operational needs.

Robotic Interface

Custom feedworks that allows the SWEED Chopper to interface with a robotic arm that feeds the unit scrap materials.

Hydraulic Powered Infeed Systems

For heavy duty scrap requiring enhanced pulling capability. Available on the Model 5503 and up.


Performance Upgrades

High Performance Knives for Tough Materials Machined of higher density steel, these knives have a longer life when used under standard conditions. V4 knives are recommended for high-volume cutting, or for wire and cable applications. Additional Custom Features and Upgrades are available upon request. Please inquire with a SWEED Representative.

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