Chopper stands to accommodate the most common scrap receptacles.

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Hopper Stand

Designed to sit over the Sweed EZ Dump Hopper.

Hopper stand shown with Model 450 DDX and EZ Dump Hopper.


Gaylord Stand

Designed to sit over a 48 x 40 x 36” Gaylord box.

Gaylord stand shown with Model 450 DDX.


Slider Stand

Designed to slide the chopper left or right in order to collect scrap banding into the appropriate recycling bin. This stand allows customers who collect both metal and plastic scrap banding to use one chopper to handle both materials, while separating the scrap for recycling purposes. Fits Sweed Scrap Chopper Models 300, 450 DX, and 450 DDX.

Slider stand shown with Model 300 and two EZ Dump Hoppers.

Custom Stand

Sweed can design a stand to meet the needs of any operation, including size requirements, sound dampening needs, and safety concerns. For more information, contact a Sweed Representative.