For Plastic Strapping - Simple to Maintain and Designed for Years of Industrial Use

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Sweed’s cut-to-length plastic strap dispenser is designed to increase strap cutting efficiency and worker safety.

By automating the strap cutting process, workers receive accurately cut pieces of strap, eliminating waste and reducing material cost. Additionally, the CL200 aids in reducing worker injuries from repetitive cutting operations and lacerations that can occur when strapping is
manually cut.

Operation of the CL200 is quick and easy: load the spool with plastic strapping, prefeed the strapping end into the CL200 cutter head, program the length and quantity of required straps, machine turns off automatically at the end of the batch run.

Construction Features

  • For plastic strapping up to 1 ½" wide

  • Continuous Speed

  • Bi-Directional Cutting Design

  • Accurate Cut Lengths to ± ¼”

  • Auto Shut-Off at Batch End

  • Non-Jamming Design

  • Banding Spool Holder with Adjustable Tension Control

  • Two-Wheeled Dolly Support Stand for Easy Maneuvering

  • Made and supported in the USA

  • One year warranty