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Veneer Stackers

Green, Dry, and Random Veneer Stackers

Custom Solutions for the Toughest Veneer Stacking Applications.

SWEED provides high speed automated handling solutions for all of today’s toughest veneer stacking applications; including green, dry, random, half and full-sheet stacking, for 4’, 8’, 9’ and 10’ veneer. As well as a custom solution for multiple veneer lengths.

SWEED’s stackers are designed with functionality and maintenance in mind. They are built to perform under demanding conditions at today’s high-production requirements. SWEED stackers come equipped with proven Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programming developed for all wet and dry applications.

Construction Features

At SWEED, we carry forward the Jeddeloh brothers’ legacy of relentless commitment to construction, craftsmanship, durability, and reliability in our wood products equipment. Designed to perform 24/7, our solutions are renowned for their robust construction, thriving in demanding environments. Our material handling solutions seamlessly enhance productivity and safety, providing the flexibility to optimize your operations, all while maintaining the enduring tradition of exceptional quality that defines SWEED.

Available for green and dry veneer

Fixed length or custom multiple length solutions

Full sheets (54s), half-sheets (27s), random

Dry stacking (54s): speeds up to 750 FPM

Green stacking (54s): speeds up to 1,000 FPM

Proportional air-controlled knock-offs with sheet skew correction

Single ControlLogix PLC, with touchscreen HMI interface

Cogged belt design with vacuum

Royal cylinders for knockdowns

Oil-smoke lubrication

Precision veneer delivery

Simple design makes for easy installation and operation

Quality Craftsmanship

Engineering solutions available to meet unique mill challenges

Made and supported in the USA

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Custom Solutions

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Our Commitment To Our Customers.

SWEED engineers work closely with customers on many levels – from customizing a scrap chopper to meet specific criteria or revolutionizing a veneer or panel handling solution to increase production and efficiency, SWEED strives to exceed every customer’s expectation in all they do.

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Since 1955

Our History

It all started with an imported gang saw. After WWII, three brothers from Germany migrated to the United States and built a sawmill on Galls Creek in Gold Hill, Oregon. Dissatisfied with the imported gang saw they were using, they decided they could make a better saw themselves.

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