Dryer Tipple Feeder

Fastest Feed Speeds in the Industry.

The SWEED Dryer Tipple Feeder offers a systematic and precise solution for feeding individual trays to the dryer. This feeder effectively receives the top sheet of wet veneer from each of the three side-by-side stacks and evenly distributes them across each individual deck of the dryer’s infeed section.

SWEED’s latest tipple feeder model boasts reinforced front and rear pinch beams, ensuring the longest operational life in the industry. The segmented pinch-wheel design by SWEED is built with two mounted bearings per section, facilitating easy removal and maintenance. Furthermore, the use of solid rubber wheels replaces the older aluminum hubs and separate wheel mounts found in most conventional tipple feeder designs, significantly enhancing maintenance efficiency.

SWEED has also made improvements to the pinch-wheel tension spring design, offering greater adjustability for various veneer thicknesses and a longer operational life.

Notably, when SWEED’s patented “Smart Pause” technology is integrated into the infeed section, it automatically pauses the tipple feeder for up to 20 seconds upon detecting an empty feed using photo-eyes. This pause allows the operator to address the veneer infeed issue promptly. Once the sensors identify all three sheets at the pinch-wheel stop-gate, the feeder automatically restarts with an increased speed, ensuring it catches up to previous feeds. “The Smart Pause” feature provides an enhanced fill rate and more consistent dry veneer, as it minimizes gaps in the feeding process, resulting in increased overall efficiency and quality.



Construction Features

At SWEED, we carry forward the Jeddeloh brothers’ legacy of relentless commitment to construction, craftsmanship, durability, and reliability in our wood products equipment. Designed to perform 24/7, our solutions are renowned for their robust construction, thriving in demanding environments. Our material handling solutions seamlessly enhance productivity and safety, providing the flexibility to optimize your operations, all while maintaining the enduring tradition of exceptional quality that defines SWEED.

Hydraulic activated tipple

Various tipple positioning methods (Prox, Tempo, Probe)

Improved Pinch Beam and Tension Spring design

Fastest speeds in the industry, over 22 feeds per minute

Segmented Pinch Wheel design for simple maintenance

Quality craftsmanship

Made and supported in the USA

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Our Commitment To Our Customers.

SWEED engineers work closely with customers on many levels – from customizing a scrap chopper to meet specific criteria or revolutionizing a veneer or panel handling solution to increase production and efficiency, SWEED strives to exceed every customer’s expectation in all they do.

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Our History

It all started with an imported gang saw. After WWII, three brothers from Germany migrated to the United States and built a sawmill on Galls Creek in Gold Hill, Oregon. Dissatisfied with the imported gang saw they were using, they decided they could make a better saw themselves.

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