Rotating Bundle Turner

Rotating Bundle Turner

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The newly designed Sweed Rotating Bundle Turner is a compact and powerful unit made for applications with minimal space and is capable of processing loads up to 4,500 pounds – 5' wide by 12' long. This unit requires less floor space than the standard C-Turner while performing the same function as the much larger Sweed Rotating C-Turner: loading and offloading on the same side. With an open design, all of the operating components are within easy reach for inspection, maintenance, and repair when needed.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom capacities available

  • Can be designed to meet specific customer needs

  • Available in a variety of capacities

  • Heavy industrial steel body and base

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • Engineering solutions available to meet unique mill challenges

  • One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction

  • Superior customer service and technical support

  • Made and supported in the USA