Right-Angle Unloader

Right-Angle Unloader

The Sweed Right-Angle Unloader quickly and systematically unloads the dryer and changes the direction of the veneer flow into the dry-veneer stacker.
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Eliminating the use of a belted apron and cross transfer chains, Sweed's Right-Angle Unloader is an automated unloading conveyance process with superior presentation to the stacker, requiring no labor for operation.

Operating independently from the dryer, Sweed's Right-Angle Unloader detects veneer via photo-eyes and smoothly transfers sheets to an even-ending jump-belt section prior to offloading to the veneer stacker infeed. It is simply the smoothest dryer unloading option in the industry today. The compact footprint is also ideal for accommodating tight spaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Precision delivery straight and true at today's incredibly high speeds

  • Requires less plant space than a conventional straight-out unloader

  • Gently straightens veneer

  • Sheet damage is virtually eliminated

  • Left-hand or right-hand drive/exit

  • Handles 4-foot to 10-foot veneer lengths

  • Photo eye sheet detection system

  • Adapts to any veneer dryer

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction

  • Superior customer service and technical support

  • Made and supported in the USA