The Sweed Refeeder accumulates excess veneer stacks and redistributes sheets one at a time onto an existing line.
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Typically located on the outfeed of a veneer dryer, downstream of the unloader prior to moisture detection, Sweed's re-entry system helps limit “redry” veneer from going back through the dryer and provides the essential process of correctly detecting the moisture content of otherwise unclassified veneer. The re-entry system is used to simply fill gaps between sheets during standard operations and can also be used to feed sheets to the stacker infeed if the dryer is down. Sweed's Refeeder delivers a swift return on investment, as it positively affects various processes required for manufacturing panels: veneer drying, stacking and laying up.

Features and Benefits

  • Limits re-dry going through the dryer

  • Improves dryer efficiency by rerouting re-dry veneer

  • Up to 36 sheets per minute

  • Customized and designed for unique applications

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction

  • Superior customer service and technical support

  • Made and supported in the USA