Dual-End Trim Saw

Dual-End Trim Saw

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The Sweed Dual-End Trim Saw features 2 48-inch diameter, carbide-tip blade trim saws, powered by 50 HP electric motors. A 12-inch bore, 14-inch stroke air cylinder, pressures a squaring device to ensure accurate alignment of materials with saw blades for quality loads.

The Sweed Dual-End Trim Saw is simple to program and operate and is built to withstand the tough production requirements demanded in today's mills. Sweed End Trim Saws come equipped with a PLC setup specific to basic end-trim dimensions by plant.

Customizations and/or upgrades are also available for plants where additional adjustments are necessary, or variability in veneer length is present

Features and Benefits

  • Feed chain operates at 22 FPM on a bed of UHMW to reduce wear

  • Blades have 5/16-inch diameter bolts, 5 inches from rim, 180 degrees apart assist in chipping the product trims

  • Outfeed determined by customer—bolt-on roll case or outfeed chains

  • Infeed jump-rolls to alleviate veneer damage during squaring

  • Outfeed jump-deck available upon request for customers requiring load accumulation

  • Can be customized to meet specific customer needs

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • Engineering solutions available to meet unique mill challenges

  • One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction

  • Superior customer service and technical support