Dryer Tipple Feeder

Dryer Tipple Feeder

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The Sweed Dryer Tipple Feeder provides systematic and precise feeding of individual trays to the dryer. The feeder receives the top sheet of wet veneer from each of the 3 side-by-side stacks and uniformly distributes them onto each individual deck of the dryer infeed section.

Sweed's latest tipple feeder features strengthened front and rear pinch beams, assuring the longest life in the industry. Sweed's segmented pinch-wheel design utilizes 2 mounted bearings per section for easy removal and maintenance. Solid rubber wheels eliminate the old aluminum hubs and separate wheel mounts used in most old tipple feeder designs, again maximizing maintenance time and efficiency. Sweed has also upgraded the pinch-wheel tension spring design to allow for more adjustability for various veneer thicknesses and improved life. This new feeder now features duckbills, which adjust up and away from the feeder, creating enhanced accessibility for maintenance and/or cleanup.

When Sweed's patent-pending “Smart Pause” technology is added to the infeed section, it will automatically pause the tipple feeder for up to 20 seconds when the photo-eyes detect an empty feed; allowing the operator time to fix the veneer infeed issue. Once the sensors detect all 3 sheets at the pinch-wheel stop-gate, the feeder will automatically start back up with increased speed in order to catch up to the previous feeds.

Features and Benefits

  • Hydraulic activated tipple

  • Various tipple positioning methods (Prox, Tempo, Probe)

  • Improved Pinch Beam and Tension Spring design

  • Fastest speeds in the industry, over 22 feeds per minute

  • Segmented Pinch Wheel design for simple maintenance

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction

  • Superior customer service and technical support

  • Made and supported in the USA