Core Saw

Core Saw

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The Sweed Core Saw features an 84-inch diameter, 118 tooth blade with replaceable teeth, powered by a 50 HP electric motor. A squaring device ensures precise alignment of materials with the saw blade, and is pressured by a 12-inch bore, 14-inch stroke air cylinder. The feed chain operates at 22 FPM on a bed of UHMV for reduced wear, with flared chain runways to aid in cut stack separation.

Infeed chains deliver to either a bolt-on outfeed roll case, or powered chain ways, also flared to aid in cut stack separation. Sweed's Core Saw comes equipped with PLC for basic programming and a single-function center-cut operation. Modifications for offset cuts and/or variable length veneer requiring adjustability are available upon request.

Features and Benefits

  • Powered Infeed Chain 22 FPM

  • Infeed Jump-rolls to alleviate veneer pinch (damage) during squaring

  • Pneumatic end-squaring to center loads

  • Sawdust collector with 8-inch diameter vent tubes

  • Bolt-on outfeed roll cases or powered chain outfeed

  • Outfeed jump-deck available upon request, if load accumulation required

  • Can be customized to meet specific customer needs

  • Quality craftsmanship

  • Engineering solutions available to meet unique mill challenges

  • One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction

  • Superior customer service and technical support

  • Made and supported in the USA