Highly Customizable Unit Suitable for Wide Scrap Applications


The Model 480 is a highly customizable unit often placed within a production line, but can also be used as a standalone unit and be manually fed.

The wide infeed on this chopper accommodates larger width scrap materials, while the internal design provides the versatility required to easily marry into a manufacturing line.

Material Reference
The recommended model of scrap chopper is determined by scrap size, scrap volume, and requested custom features. Please consult a Sweed representative to determine the appropriate scrap chopper for your application.

» Slitter trim
» Punch Press
» Stamping
» Various wide light gauge metal materials


» CE approved
» Easy to reach “Feedworks Release” hand lever
» Infeed funnel with material guide
» Knives can be rotated (4 times) for extended life
» Made and supported in the USA
» Full one year warranty