Green-Chain Pulling is Made Easy with the Sweed Veneer Strip Stacker




The Sweed Strip Stacker not only helps reduce the number of employees required to operate the green-chain, but also greatly reduces the demanding effort previously required.

Instead of workers manually pulling and stacking usable strips off of a conveyor, the Sweed Strip Stacker allows veneer strips to be easily fed through the stacker pinch rolls onto a chain driven landing table. From there, the strips travel to another worker who strategically layers the strip into uniformed stacks. Once the stack reaches the desired height, it is transferred via roll case or chains where it is picked up by a forklift.

With the Sweed Strip Stacker, the sorting process becomes almost effortless, creating a more ergonomic job function for the employee(s) while reducing the amount of workers necessary for production. The end results are increased worker safety, a more efficient process, and an end product that is more desirable and easier to market.


» Improved stack presentation
» Reduce labor
» Ergonomic
» Operates at today’s fast production demands
» Simple installation
» Quality craftsmanship
» Engineering solutions available to meet unique mill challenges
» One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction
» Superior customer service and technical support
» Made and supported in the USA