Robust Trim Saw to Meet High Production Demands


The Sweed Dual End-Trim Saw features (2) 48” diameter, carbide-tip blade trim saws, powered by 50HP electric motors. A 12” bore, 14” stroke air cylinder, pressures a squaring device to ensure accurate alignment of materials with saw blades for quality loads.

The Sweed Dual End Trim Saw is simple to program and operate, and is built to withstand the tough production requirements demanded in today’s mills. Sweed End-Trim Saws come equipped with a PLC setup specific to basic end-trim dimensions by plant.

Customizations and/or upgrades are also available for plants where additional adjustments are necessary, or variability in veneer length is present


» Feed chain operates at 22 FPM on a bed of UHMW to reduce wear
» Blades have 5/16” diameter bolts, 5” from rim, 180 degrees apart assist in chipping the product trims
» Outfeed determined by customer—bolt-on roll case or outfeed chains
» Infeed jump-rolls to alleviate veneer damage during squaring
» Outfeed jump-deck available upon request for customers requiring load accumulation
» Can be customized to meet specific customer needs
» Quality craftsmanship
» Engineering solutions available to meet unique mill challenges
» One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction
» Superior customer service and technical support