Eliminate Plug-Ups and Sheet Damage with a Sweed Veneer Infeed


Often an afterthought, Sweed applies the same level of importance and innovation to the section between the dryer feeder and veneer dryer, the Infeed Roll Section.

Dictated by the number of decks, Sweed utilizes geometric angles to determine the best possible landing point for veneer being “shot” onto the infeed roll decks. Appropriate angles can help reduce or eliminate veneer “diving” into rolls and causing plug-ups and/or sheet damage. In the case of a plug-up, an updated dryer feeder design creates a new relationship between the feeder and infeed roll section, providing increased accessibility at this location for addressing plug-ups quickly and easily.

Typically driven by the dryer drive, individual decks can also be driven independently with gear reducer and frequency drive motor, for ultimate speed control
into the dryer.

If applied to Sweed’s patent-pending “Smart-Pause” infeed programming, independently driven decks can be sped up to eliminate gaps created by missed feeds.


» Configured from 4 to 8 decks
» New builds include lappers (even-enders)
» Driven by dryer drive or independently
» Provides quick and easy access for maintenance
» Quality craftsmanship
» One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction
» Superior customer service and technical support
» Made and supported in the USA