Dryer Infeed "Smart Pause" Technology

Gold Hill, OR – Sweed’s newly patented “Smart Pause” technology provides veneer dryer infeed operators additional time to address veneer feeding issues while maintaining a 100% dryer fill rate.  All this can be accomplished without stopping the dryer, thus maximizing production.

Sweed’s “Smart-Pause” Infeed functions separately from the veneer dryer, utilizing the latest innovation in infeed programming and driving each deck independently.  “Smart Pause” allows the operator to pause the feeder for up to 20 seconds upon a misfeed, without stopping the dryer.  Once the misfeed is corrected, the “Smart Pause” infeed allows the veneer to catch up, and eliminates the gap created from the pause. 

Primary and Secondary Stop-Gates on each deck assures a veneer lap occurs prior to veneer entering the dryer.  This technology virtually eliminates feeder misfeeds, and helps to improve veneer presentation to the dryer.

Sweed’s “Smart-Pause” Dryer Infeed is a proven solution and increases overall dryer efficiency and production.  It is simply, the highest-producing dryer infeed available in the industry today.

Sweed infeed with Smart Pause Technology installed.

Sweed infeed with Smart Pause Technology installed.