Smart Pause Technology

Smart Pause Technology

If misfeeds at the veneer dryer infeed are lowering your overall production and efficiency, Sweed has the smart solution.
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Sweed's new patent-pending “Smart Pause” technology provides veneer dryer infeed operators additional time to address veneer feeding issues while maintaining a 100% dryer fill rate. All this can be accomplished without stopping the dryer, thus maximizing production.

Sweed's “Smart-Pause” infeed functions separately from the veneer dryer, utilizing the latest innovation in infeed programming and driving each deck independently.

Smart Pause allows the operator to pause the feeder for up to 20 seconds upon a misfeed, without stopping the dryer. Once the misfeed is corrected, the “Smart Pause” infeed allows the veneer to “catch up,” and eliminates the gap created from the pause.

Primary and Secondary Stop-Gates on each deck assures a veneer lap occurs prior to veneer entering the dryer. This technology virtually eliminates feeder misfeeds and helps to improve veneer presentation to the dryer. Sweed's “Smart Pause” infeed technology is a proven solution that increases dryer production, providing the most efficient and highest producing dryer infeed available in the industry.

How it Works

Tipple Feeder

When Sweed's patent-pending “Smart Pause” technology is added to the infeed section, it will automatically pause the tipple feeder for up to 20 seconds when the photo-eyes detect an empty feed; allowing the operator time to fix the veneer infeed issue. Once the sensors detect all 3 sheets at the pinch-wheel stop-gate, the feeder will automatically start back up with increased speed in order to catch up to the previous feeds.

Infeed roll section

The Smart-Pause technology utilizes independently driven infeed decks, rather than the typical dryer drive configuration. Independently driven decks are sped up in conjunction with the tipple feeder to eliminate gaps created by missed feeds.

Lappers/Even Enders

Upon the implementation of Sweed's patent-pending “Smart-Pause” infeed program, a secondary set of lappers are included prior to veneer entering the dryer. The two sets of lappers work in conjunction with each other to assure a proper lap, and that the “gap” is effectively eliminated after a pause has occurred at the feeder.

Features and Benefits

  • Ability to pause feeder (to fix veneer issues) without stopping dryer, while still maintaining 100% fill rate.

  • Increases production by reducing misfeeds.

  • Improves veneer presentation to the dryer.

  • Reduction of labor to only 1 operator.

  • Up to 20 seconds allowable for handling misfeeds.