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Solutions for PET strapping

Sweed Solutions

Sweed is known in the industry as the superior choice in providing: the latest technology, quality craftsmanship, unmatched customer service and excellent after-sale support for both their line of scrap chopping solutions and veneer and panel handling equipment.

Sweed scrap choppers and separation systems help company’s eliminate their manufacturing by-products; keeping scrap materials out of landfills and helping company’s achieve their recycling goals. With an ever-expanding list of scrap materials—metals, plastics and more; Sweed choppers have proven to be dependable in managing scrap recycling needs.

Since 1957, Sweed has been providing material handling equipment to keep products moving. Their line of hoists, turners and dryer support equipment have been helping processors achieve higher production goals with less downtime for over 50 years. Sweed’s veneer and panel handling equipment offers new technology designed to run at a greater capacity, with the same amount of labor, at no additional fuel or overhead cost; helping mills all over the world conquer the challenges facing the panel industry in the 21st century.