MODEL 10-27

Highly Portable Shear Offering Powerful and Reliable Performance




Sweed’s Model 10-27 Mini Shear is an easy to operate and highly portable machine that can be operated from all angles.

Despite its small stature, the 10-27 offers powerful and reliable performance. Designed to fulfill the need for a portable trimming and clearing shear, the Mini Shear can be used for trimming fittings off copper tubing, cutting reinforcing steel to length, and cutting production rejects. This unit has a shearing capacity of 27 tons and a 10” blade length.

Sweed’s alligator shears operate using a variable speed/pressure pump, which allows for fast cycle times while maintaining high cutting forces for tough scrap material. The 10-27 features a remote foot control unit and incorporates a safety interlock, which immediately opens the jaw at any point in the cycle immediately when the foot is removed from the pedal.

Fork pockets are mounted at the base of each shear for ease of mobility, reducing strain on the operator and maximizing production.


» Fork Pockets for Ease of Mobility
» Foot Pedal Control
» Left or Right Hand Feed
» Adjustable Hold Down Device
» Made in supported in USA
» One year warranty