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Sweed Shears

Sweed has used their extensive knowledge on building quality and dependable scrap choppers to offer shears of all shapes and sizes; enabling companies to process a variety of material for scrap recycling purposes, as well as cut to length shears to aid in packaging efficiency.

Alligator shears are important for facilities needing to prepare scrap for shredding. This adds value to the scrap and improves the quality of the processed scrap. Sweed alligator shears are simple to operate and feature fast cycle times while maintaining a high cutting force for tough scrap material such as: steel, bar, wire, cable, plates, tubes and other mixed metal products.

Cut to length shears are rapidly becoming a staple in many company’s packaging areas. They are necessary to automate the strap cutting process and assist in minimizing employee strap contact; significantly reducing the possibility of lacerations and repetitive strain injuries. Sweed cut to length units are an accurate and user-friendly way to greatly reduce Worker’s Compensation claims, labor costs and plastic and metal strapping waste.

Sweed Smart Shears are powerful hydraulic shears capable of processing heavy-duty linear scrap materials. Sweed’s design has proven to be the most innovative and automated solution on the market for processing wire rope, logging cable, crane cable, pipe, steel trim, steel rebar and an assortment of large diameter cable types. The remarkable feed works on the Smart Shear can effortlessly drag extremely long sections into its powerful feed works cutter and eliminate hours of labor intensive and dangerous scrap handling.

With over 50 years of engineering experience, Sweed continues to expand their product line to meet the recycling and packaging needs for various industries. Sweed shears are designed and manufactured in-house allowing them to provide the best customer support on the market for warranty, parts and technical assistance.