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Sweed Separation Systems

Sweed is a leader in the recycling equipment industry because of their engineering talent and long-standing reputation for quality craftmanship and service; these skills are excellently demonstrated in their wire and cable separation systems.

Sweed’s Multi-Task and ACSR Separation System are effective for clean processing of virtually any kind of wire and cable. Sweed engineers have developed several footprints of their systems to accommodate scrap processors with low or high volumes. These systems can be customized to meet customer specifications, and optional equipment can be integrated to maximize system performance and payback.

Sweed’s recycling equipment can manage all types of wire and cable scrap, including: ferrous and non-ferrous wire, ACSR, communication wire, utility cables, power cables, copper wire, electrical multi-strand wire, and more! Sweed systems are designed and manufactured in the United States, and offer unsurpassed technical assistance and after-sale support.

With the high price of clean recyclable conductive metals, no matter what your output requirements are, Sweed’s wire and cable recycling equipment has tremendous potential for quick paybacks and outstanding long-term profits!