Quality Patch Line Dies and Replacement Parts for Raimann & Skoog Veneer Patchers


Quality manufactured and maintained patchline dies greatly improve production by reducing plug fall-out and inferior patch quality.

Sweed provides new and hard to find replacement parts for Raimann and Skoog veneer patchlines, to help keep them running smoothly. Sweed specializes in manufacturing new dies, die sharpening and repair, manufacturing hot melt adhesive applicator parts and systems, and automatic strip feeders. Sweed can restore dies to like-new condition and also has the ability to manufacture custom dies upon request.


» Quality replacement parts
» Improved design conversions for Raimann and Skoog veneer patchlines
» Custom dies to specifications
» New and hard to find Raimann and Skoog dies
» One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction
» Superior customer service and technical support
» Made and supported in the USA