Veneer Straight-Out Unloader Eliminates Veneer Overlapping to Reduce Splitting and Breakage




The Sweed Straight-Out Unloader is designed to fit into practically any existing or new veneer dryer installation. Each charge of veneer exiting the dryer is realigned in the unloader and then discharged onto a belted apron.

The Straight-Out Unloader ensures uninterrupted conveyance to grading areas by aligning the veneer and systematically discharging the wood prior to moisture detection. This orderly discharge virtually eliminates splitting or excessive breakage of valuable veneer. To eliminate overlapping, a timed discharge is employed using Sweed recommended “first-in/first-out” programming and stop-gates on each deck to store sheets prior to unloading. The Sweed Straight-Out Unloader is completely self-contained and operates independently of the dryer. Each deck is powered by gear-reduced motors and speeds determined by the program stored in customer PLC.


» Left-hand or right-hand drive
» Available in any number of decks for any width of dryer
» Handles 4’ to 10’ veneer lengths
» Photo eye sheet detection system
» Controlled independently: “First-in, first-out” program recommended
» Adapts to any veneer dryer
» Gently straightens veneer
» Simple design makes for quick and easy installation
» Quality craftsmanship
» One-on-one sales consultations to ensure satisfaction
» Superior customer service and technical support
» Made and supported in the USA