lumber with plastic banding for Sweed choppers

Wood & Lumber

Whether your primary business is timber processing, pallet building, or manufacturing furniture, efficient disposal of band saw blades, and metal and plastic strapping is a major concern. Put an end to damaged equipment and injured workers. Clean up valuable shop space. With strategically placed Sweed Choppers, the dangerous and troublesome by-products of your business can be quickly and efficiently processed for safe, easy recycling.

Materials processed in the wood & lumber industry:
  • » Steel Banding
  • » Plastic/Poly Strapping
  • » Band Saw Blades


Like most industries, textile manufacturers have recognized the need for employee safety and improved recycling of in-plant linear scrap. Baling wire, doctor blades, and steel banding are especially hazardous for employees. Sweed Choppers allow companies in the textile industry to provide safe handling of their manufacturing by-products.

Materials processed in the textile industry:
  • » Baling Wire
  • » Steel Banding
  • » Plastic/Poly Strapping

Metal Fabrication

Companies processing stamping, punch press, or coils of metal from a slitter line deal with dangerous scrap on a regular basis. In a plant’s high-volume automated operation, scrap winders are a bottleneck and pose a hazard to employees. Sweed Choppers can be married into an automated line, eliminating the need for traditional winders and greatly increasing employee safety.

Tube & Pipe

Removing, storing, and disposing of tube scarf is a tricky and dangerous task. Tube scarf is very hot as it comes off the line, and cools to a hard material, with sharp, jagged edges. To help tube and pipe companies maintain employee safety while increasing production volume, Sweed Choppers handle the grueling job of tube and pipe scrap conversion and eliminate the need for unsafe scarf winders.

Materials processed in the tube & pipe industry:
  • » O.D. Scarf
  • » Tube and pipe crushing and chopping


Baling wire and blades used in the paper industry are one of the most dangerous and difficult to handle aspects of paper manufacturing and distribution. However, Sweed Choppers allow scrap processing for this industry to be as easy as feed-and-forget.

Materials processed in the paper industry:
  • » Baling Wire
  • » Doctor Blades
  • » Coater Blades
  • » Steel Banding
  • » Plastic/Poly Strapping

Food, Beverage & Packaging

Food, beverage, and packaging industries typically produce large amounts of scrap banding. Sweed Choppers assist these industries by reducing their scrap dumpster fees, achieve their zero landfill goals, and enable them to obtain the highest prices for their recyclable waste.

Materials processed in the food and beverage industry:
  • » Plastic/Poly Strapping
  • » Steel Banding


Every year expensive equipment is ruined and workers are injured by dangerous metal banding. Companies' bottom lines are threatened by damaged product, expensive repairs, and rising insurance rates. Sweed Choppers turn this profit-sucking menace into valuable scrap that can easily be recycled and help to increase employee safety. Expensive insurance claims, repair bills and storage issues will become a distant memory once Sweed Choppers are put to work.

Materials processed in the warehousing industry:
  • » Plastic/Poly Strapping
  • » Steel Banding

scrap wire and cable chopping line

Wire & Cable

Sweed Choppers are prominent in the wire and cable industry. With a broad range of sizes and materials used in this multifaceted industry, when matching a Sweed chopper or separation system to a specific application, the possibilities are endless.

Materials processed in the wire & cable industry:
  • » Ferrous Wire and Cable
  • » Non-Ferrous Wire and Cable
  • » Electrical Multi-Strand Wire
  • » Communication Cables
  • » Fastener Wire
  • » Armored Cable
  • » ACSR
  • » ACSS
  • » 750 MCM
  • » Wire Rope
  • » Other jacketed and non-jacketed wire and cable


Scrap yards also have a broad range of materials to chop – anything from piles of banding to spools of ACSR. Banding applications are straightforward, and some scrap dealers find it beneficial to purchase a chopper for placement at their customer’s facility which can dramatically save time and labor. For facilities with large amounts of communication cables, Sweed separation systems are a popular choice due to their quick investment recovery potential.