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Sweed Model 5703 XHD Magnetic Separator System

Posted on Thu 05/08/08 in 5703 series

Built for the most extreme linear scrap challenges

Model 5703 XHD Chopper

Put four cable-annihilating rotary knives on a beefy 600 lb flywheel that’s driven by up to 60 HP of raw power and you have a super heavy-duty rotary shear with a serious appetite. Sweed’s taken their popular 5703 rotary shear, originally introduced in the early 90’s, and given it several key design upgrades with one thing in mind- make a heavy-duty rotary shear that will...

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Get The Most Out of a Chopper

Posted on Thu 01/31/08 in Payback

Sweed has some ideas that we’ve implemented in our own plant, as well as ideas taken from other companies that may help you encourage employees to chop your facilities scrap material:

Use the Chopper Alongside Your Company’s Safety Program
Every company has an OSHA safety program. Safety incentive programs are the most effective way to encourage everyone on your staff to follow the guidelines outlined in your safety program. It happens quite frequently that employees will...

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Three Way Partnership

Posted on Thu 01/31/08 in Payback

Storing unwanted scrap for even a short time takes up valuable manufacturing space that could be used for production. For example, loose banding that customarily fills up a 30-yard dump box needing 160 square feet of plant space can normally fit into two 55-gallon drums after its chopped. Few companies object to converting wasted space to productive use.

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