How do I know if my company needs a scrap chopper?

In order to decide if your companywould benefit from a chopper, you must first evaluate how your company currently manages its scrap:
» Do use dumpsters or containers to collect your banding?
» How often are the dumpsters and containers emptied?
» How full are they when picked up?
» How much does your company spend on scrap disposal?
» How much space is required to store your scrap, and could this space be put to better use?

Why should I buy a scrap chopper when I can just throw my scrap into a dumpster?

» Chopped strapping is compacted and costs less to dispose of.
» As environmental regulations become more stringent, dumping fees will continue to rise.
» Every time you pay to have a dumpster of scrap emptied, you erode your company’s profits.
» In some areas, the fee for emptying two 30-yard dumpsters isequal to the price of a Sweed Chopper!

Will need to hire an additional employee to operate a scrap chopper?

No. You’re already paying an employee to handle scrap once, just cut banding off a load. Instead of that employee throwing the scrap on the floor, or in the garbage, have them feed it into a scrap chopper! If employees are handling by-products more than once, then streamlining the handling of scrap should be considered to improve the overall efficiency of the facility.

How does a scrap chopper work?

Just introduce the scrap banding into the infeed funnel. The feedworks will grab the material and pull it into the rotating knife path. The feedworks will continue to pull the scrap in until it is consumed, or until the operator releases the feedworks via the release lever. It’s as simple as feed-and-forget!