Tough Versatile Automated Cable Cutting Shear


The CA5000 Smart Shear is an impressive and durable shear and cut-to-length machine.

The hydraulically driven feedworks and wide infeed funnel on this unit make it one of Sweed’s easiest machines to feed. It performs exceptionally while cutting through heavy-duty steel and other various tough materials to user specified lengths. The CA5000 has proven to be the one of Sweed’s most
innovative and automated solutions for processing tough scrap materials.

Material Reference
The recommended model of scrap chopper is determined by scrap size, scrap volume, and requested custom features. The following are materials commonly processed through the CA5000. Please consult a Sweed representative to determine the appropriate scrap chopper for your application

» Wire Rope
» Logging Cable
» Crane Cable
» Various Large Diameter Cable
» Large Diameter Pipe
» Steel Trim
» Steel Rebar


» 19 ½ ton cutting force
» Dual hydraulic driven feedrolls
» Computer control unit
» 5” diameter cutting cylinder
» Footswitch controlled air activated feedworks
» Knives can be rotated (4 times) for extended life
» Hinged front guard allows for easy routine maintenance
» Made and supported in the USA
» One year warranty