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As the leading worldwide manufacturer of scrap choppers, Sweed takes pride in offering products that have been tailored specifically for your scrap chopping needs; accessories that compliment our equipment, improve scrap storage solutions, and increase operator safety.

Sweed stands and hoppers are built with the same high-quality workmanship as our machinery, and help to make your job easier and more productive. Sweed stands can also be customized for your company’s specific needs.

½ Yard EZ Dump Hopper

The EZ Self-Dumping Hopper is an innovative storage container that provides maximum safety for the operator. This top loading container is activated by tilting the mast of the forklift forward; there is no need for the forklift driver to leave the forklift. As the container tilts, the locking system will release the door. As the container is lowered to the ground, it will reset and lock itself into place. Within a matter of seconds the EZ Self-Dumping Hopper is ready to go back to work!

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Sweed stands are sturdy, designed specifically to hold each choppers weight, and bolt choppers
safely into place.

Support Stands for the Sweed’s lighter chopper series feature stout caster wheels for easy movement from area to area. They fit directly over a Sweed hopper, or can be fitted with the Halsted Bag retro-fit kit; using a Halsted bag to collect PET banding scrap.

Stands for Sweed’s larger choppers are designed to sit over either a Sweed hopper, or Gaylord container. Sweed can also custom build a stand to meet the specific needs of your space or application requirements.

Halsted Stand & Bags

The Halsted bags are a durable, more economical container alternative (to Gaylord containers) specifically for collecting PET strapping. With Sweed’s design of the Halsted Bag Stand, the containers also allow the chopping process to be completely enclosed, yet still provide easy access to determine how full the bag is.

Halsted Bags attach to your current PET chopper stand with a retro-fit kit available through Sweed. Additional Halsted Bags can be purchased separately.

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