We are an American company.
Sweed is a privately held American manufacturing company that designs, manufactures and sells quality equipment to a global audience.

We are innovation.
Innovation is our lifeblood. We are always searching for ways to improve our products and our processes. We consistently challenge the status quo and search for ways to improve tomorrow’s needs – not just today’s.

We believe in quality.
We understand that quality means longer-lasting and better standing. High operational expectations drive our intense need to provide the best on the market.

We evolve technology.
We use technology to improve efficiencies in operations and machinery. We use selective integration to maintain strict standards for performance.

We enhance safety.
Our customer’s work environments can easily turn dangerous with less than optimal equipment in place.We’ll keep them safe.

We increase productivity.
We help you do more by making you do less.

We are knowledgeable.
Our mechanical engineers work closely with customers to ensure products are designed, manufactured and installed to exceed customer expectations.

We are pioneers.
With the constant evolution of manufacturing, we’ve dedicated decades to creating product lines that are innovative, efficient, and safe.

» Latest technology
» Quality craftsmanship
» Designed for simple maintenace
» Custom options to suit application & production needs
» Simple to operate and maintain
» Designed to provide years of reliable service
» Superior customer service and technical support
» One year limited warranty on all new equipment
» Made and supported in the USA