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Slitter Edge Trim

How Sweed Choppers Can Help with Slitter Edge Trim

Companies slitting continuous lengths of metal to size deal with dangerous edge trim scrap on a regular basis. However, the by-product of this process no longer has to be labor intensive and potentially hazardous; it can be an opportunity to save time and money.

In a plant’s high-volume slitter line operation, a scrap winder can be a bottleneck. Edge trim often breaks and must be re-threaded back into the scrap winder, causing line stoppage. Even more downtime is required to change out the bulky scrap ball resulting from the winder and each time an operator replaces a scrap ball from a winder, they’re at risk for injury.

Sweed Slitter Choppers at PreCoat Metals

Sweed slitter line scrap choppers eliminate slitter line trim at the point of generation. Instead of winding unsafe scrap and exposing operators to sharp, fast-moving edge trim, the slitter line scrap choppers can be married into an existing line where the scrap is directed into the chopper and safely cuts the metal into compact, ready-to-recycle pieces at line speed and conveys it to a nearby collection point.

Sweed slitter line scrap choppers offer a fast ROI; in some instances providing about 7 percent more production uptime in not having to manually handle the trim, and saving approximately 100 hours of labor a year in scrap handling. A company’s return on investment could be as fast as six months. Additional savings are rewarded in reduced worker’s compensation claims and profits from selling the recyclable commodity.

Sweed slitter line scrap choppers:
• Maximize production up time
• Promote safety
• Eliminate excess clutter
• Reduce material handling costs and overhead
• Eliminate line stoppage
• Create new revenue via value-added recycling to scrap dealers