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PET Plastic Strapping

Strapping made from PET plastic has been proven as a strong, dependable alternative for steel strapping up to 3/4” wide. As a result, this PET strapping is showing up in shipping and receiving docks in companies all over the world. Unfortunately, because the strapping is an unruly, tangled mess in its original state (after a load has been de-banded), scrap dealers don’t want to handle it, and companies are left not knowing how to dispose of it; ultimately, the strapping ends up in landfills. Chopping PET banding used to be thought of as optional; but with the explosive growth of the recycling industry and its demands for a higher grade of pre-processed scrap, it’s rapidly becoming a necessity. Most agree that a load of un-chopped banding is a waste of valuable dumpster space, and most recyclers consider hauling it a waste of fuel and labor. However, when banding is processed through a Sweed® Scrap Chopper, it is instantly prepared for recycling, eliminating unnecessary dumpster costs and enabling a company to sell their scrap to dealers.

Choppers for PET Plastic Strapping