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Material Turning

How Sweed Turners Can Help You

Sweed Machinery manufactures material handling equipment designed to improve productivity in the workplace while enhancing safety and efficiency for the operator.

Sweed produces a full line of line of Turners, Inverters and Upenders to assist you in reducing production cost, product damage and workplace injuries; allowing you to achieve higher production goals with less downtime.

While the Turners in Sweed’s product line have diversity in use and appearance, each unit turns heavy loads in one or more directions according to your specific applications. Sweed Turners serve a wide variety of applications with products as diverse as panel and veneer, molds, dies, plastic, paper and metal coils, and stacks of steel blanks.

Sweed designs and manufacturers many styles of turners, including Pass-Thru Turners, C-Turners, Load Inverters, Palletized Load Turners, L-Turners and Upenders. Specifications for each Turner can be customized to the individuals’ requirements.

Sweed Turners continue to provide remarkably solid processing value year after year. Sweed systems installed 40 years ago are still hard at work, making money for their purchasers. And because of Sweed’s commitment to continuity, parts and service are always available.