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Cyclone Air Tables Granulator Self Dumping Hopper Mag Cross Belt Prechopper

Sweed "Small Footprint" System


Sweed’s Prechopper is a single-shaft shredder that provides rapid reduction of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap material.

The closed rotor design allows bulk feeding without overloading the machine. Once the material is loaded into the hopper, it’s fed into the rotor using a hydraulic ram. The chopped material can drop into a hopper located under the unit, or it can be conveyed into a separate container or granulator for further processing.

Sweed’s Prechopper is built for durability and reliability and offers heavy-duty construction in a compact size. Interchangeable screens are available for material size control. The hydraulic powered carriage allows the prechopper screens to be changed quickly and easily.

Sweed offers prechoppers in multiple sizes, depending on volume. Each are designed to stand alone or can be placed in-line with a Sweed Separation System.


Sweed’s powerful magnetic cross belts are positioned over the conveyor to lift steel out of the mixed materials that have been processed in the Prechopper. This system is used to ensure clean division of the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Hanging the cross-belt over the outtake conveyor increases the system’s efficiency and reduces cost!


The Sweed self-dumping hopper is the fastest, safest, easiest and most economical way to load, transport and dump scrap and bulk material.

Sweed’s hopper is designed for forklift handling and offers a unique gravity-activated door latch that eliminates the need for hand trip levers or pushing a bin over. This system offers safe, hands-free operation; allowing workers to stay out of harms way.

The top loading container is activated by tilting the mast of the forklift forward for complete discharge of contents. As the container tilts, the self-locking mechanism will release the door. As the container is lowered to the ground it will reset and the door will lock. Within a matter of seconds the the hopper is ready to go back to work!


Granulators are used for reducing large materials down to a chip size. Quality craftsmanship and innovative design are two key elements that set Sweed granulators aside from others on the market. High performance, low maintenance and long term durability are all proven benefits of Sweed granulators; saving you money and time, while helping to achieve your scrap reduction goals. Sweed Granulators come in multiple sizes, and each are built like tanks. When the granulator is hand-fed, the safety infeed hood prevents the operator direct access to the rotor, while still allowing to efficiently feed material. This keeps the operator safe from moving parts, and prevents material from kicking back when the hood is open. The hydraulic powered carriage allows the granulator screens to be changed quickly and easily.


Sweed includes a secondary air table on the small footprint separation system. The second table helps create a more efficient system, and improves the separation of copper and aluminum; providing a more pure end result, and preventing losing product in the trash.

Sweed uses an open air table design. This provides quick access to material on the table, allowing the operator to easily make adjustments as needed.


The cyclone is used to collect dust generated by the wire chopping process, containing air pollutants and dropping into a container for disposal. The cyclone can be designed to be configured inside or outside of a facility.

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#1 Copper

Stranded Wire

CAT5 and Other Small Gauge Wire