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Right-Angle Veneer Dryer Unloader

The Sweed Right-Angle Dryer Unloader systematically unloads the dryer and changes the direction of the veneer flow into the dry veneer stackers. It eliminates the use of a belted apron and cross-transfer chains and facilitates a one-person grading operation in place of a multi-person pulling operation and cart handling. When plant floor space is limited, a Sweed Right-Angle Unloader provides all the features of Sweed’s Straight-Out Unloader but with the added benefit of being able to change the material flow direction upon exiting the dryer.

The Sweed Straight-Out Unloader is designed to fit into practically any existing installation; only minor modifications of the existing outfeed belt are usually required. They are completely self-contained and operate independently of the dryer.

Each charge of veneer exiting from the dryer is realigned in the unloader and then discharged onto the dry belt. This orderly discharge virtually eliminates splitting or excessive breakage of valuable veneer.

Download: Unloader Info