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Dryer Feeder

Sweed Speed Feeders are the ultimate dryer infeeds on the market, providing systematic feeding of individual trays in the dryer. The feeder receives the top sheet of wet veneer from each of the 3 side-by-side stacks of veneer and uniformly distributes them onto each individual deck of a mult-deck veneer dryer infeed.

In the past, the downfall of this dependable workhorse has been a result of the 72 small diameter bearings that mount the pinch beam tires and hubs which, if not properly maintained, could cause plug-ups, creating maintenance issues that result in downtime and loss of veneer.

Sweed Machinery has successfully addressed this concern with the Feeder Pinch Beam Conversion Kit. Replacing the 72 small-diameter wheel bearings with six large-diameter self-aligning bearings drastically reduces maintenance costs for parts and labor. In addition, the pinch rolls in this kit are mounted on the pinch beam as well as the back beam; their easy access makes maintenance quick and simple, minimizing downtime.

Another important design change is the replacement of the air pneumatic hard mounted tires with solid rubber wheels mounted on a solid, large-diameter shaft with heavy-duty bearings located at each end. The pneumatic tire version had a tendency to go flat if not properly maintained, causing additional maintenance issues. The new solid rubber wheels eliminate the old aluminum hubs and separate wheel mounts, and are easily adjustable by way of two bolts per section.

The conversion kit is easy to install using the existing bolt pattern on the Sweed Feeder and can be changed out in a typical shut down shift. The kit is an incomparable design, providing an enhanced mounting system, and allowing the pinch wheels to be maintained and replaced with simple hand tools.

Download: Dryer Feeder Info