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Hydraulic Load Turner

Posted on Wed 01/30/08 in Panel

Turners make it practical to inspect and process two-sided material of virtually any size. Sweed offers a few styles of turners to accommodate different facility needs: Panel Turners, Pass Thru Turners, Butterfly Turners, L-Turners, C-Turners, Giant C-Turners and Rotating C-Turners. For facilities with exceptional needs, Sweed can customize a unit to meet individual needs.

Most recently, Sweed built a custom turner for Ashley Furniture in Arcadia, WI. Ashley’s C-Turner was developed because they needed a machine that would turn the load over but keep the wood grain running in the same direction; Sweed accomplished this by using a roll-case outfeed.

For efficiency, Sweed used one 5 HP hydraulic unit to power everything: the motor to turn the load, hydraulic cylinders to clamp the load, and another hydraulic motor to run the rolls. The turner has a 7000lb load capacity, and in its current configuration, it can accommodate loads 19” to 41” tall, up to 5 ft wide, and a minimum load of 6’ long to a maximum load of 12’ long.

For companies needing to sort through the load while the load is turned on end, Sweed can easily supply this turner with a reject mode and also adjust capacities and sizes to fit other customers needs.

For more information regarding the Ashley C-Turner or any Sweed turner, please contact a Sweed sales representative.


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