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Sweed Bundle Turners

Posted on Wed 04/02/08 in Panel

Whatever Your Needs, Sweed Can Accommodate

Sweed Turners are essential machines for plants that process flat material such as panel, plates, or any large wood, metal or composites. Turners make it practical to inspect and process two-sided material of virtually any size.

Sweed offers styles of turners to accommodate different facility needs. Recently, Sweed has customized turners to accommodate bigger and heavier loads in response to OSB manufacturers producing larger units. These new turners can accommodate a 5’ x 12’ load at 7,000 pounds compared to the standard turner that holds a 4’ x 8’ plywood unit at about 3500 pounds. In addition, they feature hydraulic clamping and rotating, versus the traditional method of air. For more details or for a price quote on any of Sweed’s C-turner’s, please contact Sweed Machinery.


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