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Eliminate the #1 Hazard in the Tube Mill Industry

Posted on Mon 08/17/09 in ChopTalk

Article from June issue of Tube and Pipe Journal

Nearly every day mill operators are injured while dealing with red-hot, razor sharp tube scarf. Sweed Machinery’s TS450 OD Scarf Chopper is the solution that is proven to reduce the risk of serious injuries, make handling of scarf manageable, and increase mill production. Installing a Sweed chopper in place of an existing winder eliminates repeated threading of hot scarf, handling heavy scrap balls, and most importantly gets...

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Slitter Trim Chopper

Posted on Wed 01/30/08 in Tube Mill Solutions

Sweed Quietly Making Slitter Line History

Scrap winders, while requiring the lowest capital investment for a scrap handling system, have many disadvantages that impact the productivity of the slitting line and the safety of the line operators. Scrap winders also have limitations as to the scrap conditions they can handle. For instance, at the start of every coil processed, the scrap strand has to be manually threaded to the scrap winder; this requires manpower and downtime. It...

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