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Sweed Machinery Attends ISRI

Posted on Wed 04/22/09 in Recycling

Gold Hill, OR, USA— Sweed Machinery is attending the annual ISRI convention at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada this year! The ISRI convention provides professionals in the scrap industry an opportunity to network and gather the latest news and trends available for scrap recyclers.

With their line of scrap choppers, shears, and wire and cable separation systems, Sweed helps scrap recyclers dispose of all types of ferrous...

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Zero Landfill Option for Baling Wire Scrap

Posted on Fri 03/27/09 in

Let’s face it, times are tough; and tough times call for a new way of thinking. The buzz of zero landfill is growing, but with the current state of the economy, it’s difficult to afford capital equipment that can help achieve a company’s recycling goals. As a result, Sweed looked for an option that would allow companies to recycle their scrap wire and get the best value for their processed scrap material while using an...

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In a Down Economy

Posted on Sat 01/31/09 in Choppers

Look to Recycling and Safety to Save

Sweed Choppers can turn scrap bands into profits. For nearly 50 years, Sweed Machinery has been designing and manufacturing recycling equipment to help companies control their scrap problems. “We design machinery to meet existing needs and develop custom modifications for individual customers” said Cory Graper, Sweed’s sales manager. Companies are beginning to realize the importance of practical recycling, efficient use of space, employee safety and profit recovery through scrap conversion....

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Baling Wire Chopper - Model 5503

Posted on Fri 06/27/08 in Recycling

Baling Wire Chopper - Sweed Model 5503 XHD

Many companies are often confronted with the challenge of disposing harsh baling wire. Sweed Choppers will chop your scrap wire into small cut lengths making it easier, safer and more economical to handle your business’ by-product. One series of choppers designed specifically for scrap wire reduction is Sweed’s Model 5503; a series of heavyweight performers for plants converting substantial quantities of linear material. The 5503 series offers a fast efficient feed rate, an...

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Three Way Partnership

Posted on Thu 01/31/08 in Payback

Storing unwanted scrap for even a short time takes up valuable manufacturing space that could be used for production. For example, loose banding that customarily fills up a 30-yard dump box needing 160 square feet of plant space can normally fit into two 55-gallon drums after its chopped. Few companies object to converting wasted space to productive use.

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