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In a Down Economy

Posted on Sat 01/31/09 in Choppers

Look to Recycling and Safety to Save

Sweed Choppers can turn scrap bands into profits. For nearly 50 years, Sweed Machinery has been designing and manufacturing recycling equipment to help companies control their scrap problems. “We design machinery to meet existing needs and develop custom modifications for individual customers” said Cory Graper, Sweed’s sales manager. Companies are beginning to realize the importance of practical recycling, efficient use of space, employee safety and profit recovery through scrap conversion....

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Sweed Choppers and Lean Manufacturing

Posted on Wed 01/30/08 in

Pressure to reduce costs and the ups and downs of the economy are forcing manufacturers in all industries to implement lean manufacturing principles, a process designed to reduce costs while delivering high quality products within a shorter lead-time. Lean manufacturing reduces the waste that costs small and large companies thousands of dollars each year. Sweed suggest companies streamline their waste by adopting P.O.G. recycling into their facility and become leaner.

What is POG?
Point-of-generation (

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